• Free Summer check

    Check all fluid levels

    Check anti freeze strength and level

    Visual check brake condition

    Check battery condition

    Check alternator charge rate

    Check washers and wipers

    Check tires, reset pressure

    Check all lights

    Visual check of steering and suspension

    Oil and filter change: €60.00

    We will drain and refill the oil and change the oil filter.

    This Oil & Filter Change is for 10w/40 oil and up to 5 litre

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    Reverser Sensors Fitted: €150.00

    Reverse parking sensors are a great way to aid your parking and enable you to get into those tight spots without damaging your car.

    Apart from obvious safety advantages, finacilally reverse parking sensors will pay for themselves if they prevent you from having just one reversing accident.

    Contact Speed Garage today to find out parking sensors can save you money.